2021-2022 Annual Fund Participation


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The alphabetical lists below reflect all gifts and pledges recorded as of 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19. Something wrong? Email us: advancement@altavistaschoolsf.org.

Family Supporters

Mary Szczepanik and Matt Agard  •  Daniela Blei and Michael Altmin  •  Kristi and Max Baker  •  Namrata and Satanjeev Banerjee  •  Kate Cutler and Ethan Bauman  •  Jackie and Tim Bavaro  •  Dana and Jeffrey Bernstein  •  Kelsey Crowe and Mike Brown  •  Amy Campbell and Caryl Shaw  •  Catherine Seto  •  Marissa Levinson and Steven Comfort  •  Rachele and Noah Coombs  •  Susannah and Misha Cornes  •  Kelly and Euan Cunningham  •  Melissa Willa and Colin Davitian  •  Julia and Danny de Roulet  •  Joma Jones and Eric Deeds  •  Tatiana Doronicheva and Andrey Doronichev  •  Heidi Johnson  •  Marianna Pisano and Patrick Ford  •  Stephanie Forster and Marcel Cacdac  •  Ellen and Christian Galatti  •  Dianna Fisk and Steve Gifford  •  Virginia Abbott and Jorge Godoy Coy  •  Nichole and Tim Guy  •  Michelle Harris  •  Jung Han and William Hart  •  Nicole and Lee Horner  •  Jennifer and Wesley Horner  •  Siobhan Quinn and Forbes Husted  •  Ellora Basu Kane and Matthew Kane  •  Monika and Anil Kumar Kavipurapu  •  Sunmin Park and Woo Tae Kim  •  Selina and Zeke Koch  •  Tina Green and Brian Leibowitz  •  Julie and Yang Lim  •  Laura and Jeff Lind  •  Christine and Erik Lindquist  •  Lauren Cavallito Lippman and Joshua Lippman  •  Katie and Michael (Joe) Loux  •  Casey and Zack Lynch  •  Rhiana and Ted Maidenberg  •  Joanna Mroz and Jeffrey Snodgrass  •  Elizabeth Drew and Killian Murphy  •  Victoria and Mark Nassi  •  Carolina and Temis Nunez  •  Ihuoma Iheukwumere and Prosper Nwankpa  •  Megan Laurance and Robert O'Connor  •  Judith and Ernesto Orellana  •  Lauren Owenmark and Lars Henrik Owenmark  •  Linda Shipley and Steven Pav  •  Lynn and Stephen Perkins  •  Kimi and Greg Peters  •  Mallika Singh and Andrew Polson  •  Laura Tomarchio and John Proctor  •  Catherine Pajak and Bob Purcell  •  Sarah and Jim Rose  •  Jill and Gunn Salelanonda  •  Rachel Specht and Brian Seaman  •  Liat Samuel and Tomer Shekel  •  Stephanie Weiler and Julie Shumaker  •  Thuy and Milo Sindell  •  Chelsea Stoner and Garth Spiller  •  Brenda Adams and Matt Springman  •  Cara Delzer and Andrew Stadlen  •  Emily and Jacob Stillman  •  Kruthika Katragadda and Vivek Tanneeru  •  Stacie Calad-Thomson and Zach Thomson  •  Yesenia Lopez and Manuel Tomas  •  Anonymous  •  Jane and Tony Verma  •  Victoria and Stephen Wasserman  •  Christina Choi and Ethen Wood  •  MIranda Dietz Zeyliger and Philip Zeyliger

Faculty and Staff Supporters
Thank you!

We are incredibly grateful to all of the families and individuals listed here, for their enthusiastic support of the AVS Annual Fund.

Your gifts to the Annual Fund make it possible for our teachers to deliver our mission each and every day: To prepare students to thrive as creative thinkers, innovators, and catalysts for positive change in the world.

Supporting Organizations and Friends

Adobe  •  Apple  •  California Community Foundation  •  Fidelity Charitable  •  Google  •  J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

Justin Engelbrecht-Larkin  •  Michael Lavigne Jr.  •  Rhiana Maidenberg  •  Madison Pulliam  •  Chloe Scholes  •  Tira Sims  •  Jacob Stillman