At a Glance


Program: A rich STEAM program with a strong emphasis on art, music, garden and sustainability,  and physical education. Collaboration, creativity, and risk-taking are a central part of the program.


Curriculum Goals: Drawn from California State

Standards, Common Core, Next Generation Science, National Council of Social Studies Teachers, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and RULER (Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence).


Technology: SMART Boards, document projectors, video cameras, Google Chromebooks (second grade and up), iPads from Junior Kindergarten - first grade during distance learning.


Student-Teacher Ratio: Lower School has two lead teachers per class, plus specialists. The student-teacher ratio for Junior kindergarten is 6:1 and Kindergarten - fifth grade is 9:1. Middle School has up to 40 students per grade, with 10-18 students in each academic class.

Community and Special Engagements
  • Science fairs, expos, and current event presentations begin in Junior Kindergarten to encourage public speaking skills at an early age. Drama and musical performances  twice a year

  • Community meetings twice a week with STEAM demonstrations on Mondays and Social-Emotional

  • Learning on Fridays (optional parent participation).

  • Lower School sports are parent-organized and typically include basketball and soccer.

  • Middle School sports programs are led by professional coach/athletics director and include basketball, 
    futsol, and volleyball.

Campus Information
  Lower School: 450 Somerset Street, San Francisco
  • Hours: 8:25am - 3:30pm

  • Afterschool care: BookEnds program from 7:30am - 6:00pm (separate cost from tuition)

  • Special features: Spacious outdoor play area with rock climbing wall, garden and tinkering room.

  Middle School: 2558 Mission Street, San Francisco
  • Hours: 8:45am - 3:45pm

  • Afterschool clubs: 4:00am - 5:00pm (included in tuition)

  • Special Features: Student-designed commons area, 1200 sq. ft. sunlit art and engineering lab, indoor gym

  • with a mini basketball and volleyball court, black box theater, theater-tech room, and music and practice room.