Biology, earth science, and engineering - oh my!

The AVS Science Department has designed a sequence of robust courses, using the Next Generation Science Standards as a framework, to provide students with refined skills and

a strong base of scientific knowledge. The science department’s goal is to expose students to scientific domains in a relevant and developmentally appropriate way, while asking

students to make sense of phenomena and to solve problems using the three dimensions - scientific & engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and cross-cutting concepts -  of science together.  


Courses scaffold upon important science skill sets, while integrating cross-domain and cross-disciplinary content, in a meaningful and authentic way. AVS science students participate in a variety of external STEM competitions that serve to emphasize the application and value of real-world problem solving.

Courses Include

  • The Energetic Earth

  • Earth: Past, Present, Future

  • The Energetic Life

  • The Force of Life

  • Ecology and the Environment

  • Engineering Every Day