Fifth Grade - Sample week at a glance


Despite best-laid plans--we actually worked together with Michael, our tech director, the day before our presentation to try to ensure there were no wrinkles--we were unable to share during their presentation the stop-motion animation that our presenters worked so hard on. We shared it with the other teachers after the presentation though and have asked teachers to share it with their students. We are proud of how gracefully the presenters handled this unfortunate and unexpected complication.

Although this week in fifth grade will be dominated by taking the ERBs, we will plan to make at least some time for students to begin their work on the next marine science topic: sea-level rise. Students who are not preparing for the next presentation (which will happen on March 23) will be working on a Sea Level Rise Infographic. 


Last week, students completed a challenging assignment where they interpreted a graph and then created a sketch of a graph from limited information. They will have a chance to compare which strategies helped them sketch the graph. They will also continue taking review mini-quizzes (no studying required) to help them prepare for the ERB. We talk about the solutions afterward to clear up any confusion. 


Thanks to a room newly adorned with streamers featuring their favorite poems, the underwater, “kelp-forest-feel” mirrors the ocean settings of the new books that reading groups began this week. Students first defined their characters’ essential attributes according to evidence found in the things that they do, say, feel, and think and/or believe. Students continue to work on aligning salient evidence in support of arguments about who their protagonists are, at heart, the challenges they confront, and the hopes and dreams that motivate their actions. Next week, in addition to finding evidence supporting character development and tracing their characters’ growth and change, groups will explore the thematic ideas they identify in the ocean settings and imagery their novels share in common.

Social Studies

During this busy week back from break, the students have been following the primary elections in California and other states that voted this week.  The class had the opportunity to take a guided tour of a polling place next door to AVS. Lead Volunteer Tom took time to show the students sample ballots and a variety of machines used by voters with different abilities and desired modes of voting. This coming week, we will continue to follow the primary results in other states as more votes are cast.  

The class will explore the history of voting rights as they pertain to women and other marginalized groups of people. Do women have an equal voice in politics and voting today? What has changed since women gained the right to vote, and what still needs to be done? The class will discuss and research these questions and more as we recognize Women’s History Month and the primary election season.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Last week, we took a pause from our emotional climate projects. Instead, we took the opportunity for a meta-moment to plan and prepare a growth mindset for the ERBs this coming week. Students watched a teen newscast on testing-anxiety, reflected on their own feelings about testing, and made a plan to show up as their "best self. "During our class this week, students will return to their reflections and consider how their plan worked and where they might like to make adjustments to experience themself as calm and ready to take on challenges.                                                                                                                                                                            

Art Elective: Design & Development

5th-grade designers are creating soft sculptures inspired by the Artist Claes Oldenburg. Each student is designing an iconic food out of cloth and fibers and sewing multiple components together.

Music Elective: Chorus

Next week 5th chorus will look at Bob Marley's famous "Redemption Song." We'll also keep singing the canon "Dona Nobis Pacem" and take our singing/hand game "A Cup of Tea" to the next level. Finally, we’ll wrap up chorus by reviewing all we have learned, singing through our entire repertoire. 

Drama Elective: Broadway Bound

This week in Broadway Bound elective, 5th graders will put finishing touches on their revue of show tunes. They will learn the importance of becoming performance-ready in order to shine on stage for an audience.  Stay tuned for an upcoming show date! 

Garden Elective: Food Lab

On Tuesday, we will make art out of food.  We will discuss food presentation and plating.  I will show some examples and then we will make edible insects on a leaf.  Students will learn to cut a variety of fruits and vegetables in different shapes to make butterflies, snails, and beatles.  We will take photos of our creations and eat them with our home-made salad dressings. 


On Thursday, students will learn how to multiply a recipe by increasing their salad dressing recipes. We will make new batches of dressing.  Students will write their final recipes out with some artwork and it will be turned into a zine that they can take home at the end of the trimester.


This unit in P.E. we will be playing more unconventional sports like ultimate frisbee, wall-ball, and a mixture of the two. There will be an opportunity for the students to create rules and regulations for the games to help better the experience. 



This week 5th grade will continue reviewing regular verbs ending in ER. Students spent the last two classes writing a song with the verbs in ER and this week they will be performing in Spanish class. Fifth grade will also be learning about possessive adjectives. Repetition is key so feel free to practice with your child at home!