Week Ahead in First Grade B

February 17th, 2020

Last week we enjoyed learning more about plate tectonics, money, and the Devonian Period. We worked with our 5th grade math buddies and enjoyed learning a new math game called ‘Target.’ Please read on for more details about what we did last week in each subject and what to expect for the week ahead.


The next round of current events for 1B has begun. Please see the Current Events document to see when your child is presenting, and please add their topic to the document. Thank you!


Grandparents and Special Friends Day is coming! This year it is on Friday, February 21. Please RSVP here for GSPF. If your child is not attending, please RSVP using this form.


The 4th-grade is helping to sponsor a school-wide food drive in partnership with the SF Marin Food Bank. Students organizing the food drive have set a lower school goal of 400 pounds, roughly 2 pounds per student. The 4th-graders are aiming for 100% participation from lower school students. Please help your child bring in an item to help their class reach the 100% goal. The food drive will run until February 21st. 


Last week we entered the Devonian period where we encountered Tiktaalik. Ask the children what a Tiktaalik is. We saw the first creatures to have jaw bones, a spine, and limbs appear. We all imagined what it would have been like to meet a dragonfly the size of an eagle and a scorpion the size of a wolf.  This week, we will be sharing all of our learning with you at our Science Expo on Tuesday morning. Then we will move on to the Mesozoic Eon. You know what that means...dinosaurs are coming!




Last week, we celebrated the 100th day of school by playing a new game with our math buddies called, Target. We grouped objects in different ways to find the sum. We completed another “How many.” We even played BANK with our stuffies! This week, we will continue to review and practice skip counting, adding large numbers, and adding and subtracting on a number line.  As always, there are new math games to learn and old favorites to play to help us improve our number sense. 



Last week we learned about plate tectonics, and we had the opportunity to write about what we learned and still wonder. We finished writing our Valentines Day cards and enjoyed giving them to each other on Friday. We also wrote our Friday Letters. Thank you for taking the time to write back to your children and send these letters back to school. We really appreciate your participation!


Next week we look forward to sharing all of our learning at the Science Expo. We will spend time reflecting on all we have learned. We also look forward to a birthday celebration on Thursday and will write our Friday Letters.

Social Studies

Last week we learned more about plate tectonics. We talked about how these plates cover the surface of the Earth and shift in different ways. We used graham crackers and cool whip to demonstrate transform, divergent, and convergent boundaries. Last week we also continued creating models of the Earth by painting balls with blue paint. We learned about the equator and added them, as well as added the seven continents with labels. Finally we used mod podge as a finishing touch. We look forward to sharing these at our upcoming Science Expo!


Next week we will join the 1B classroom in creating a giant map of our neighborhood, the Portola. So far, we have planned out a giant grid, cross-checking with Google Maps, and created symbols for the map key. We will add streets and symbols to accurately represent our neighborhood. This will be an ongoing project that we are displaying in our hallway, so please come check it out.


Lastly, we will be visiting our neighbors at Portola Gardens to create cards of friendship for a post-Valentine’s Day visit.


Next week 1st grade will really be rehearsing for their GPSF Day performance  on February 21st. We are excited to share a piece of what we have been learning in music with our extended AVS community! 



First grade will be learning and reviewing the months of the year in Spanish. We will be talking about the different holidays around the world celebrated in the United States and around the world.  With the aid of this vocabulary, students will state the current month and identify the month of their birth. 

This vocabulary is introduced with a lot of movement games, songs, and art projects. 

Repetition is key so feel free to practice with your child at home! 



This week 1st graders will incorporate Aretha Franklin’s songs “Respect” and “Think” into the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We will continue to bring this play to life, creating characters of mischievous fairies, and humans who get turned into donkeys and have spells of love cast upon them. This will prepare them for the field trip to see Ballanchine’s ballet on March 6th. 



Last week, students enjoyed the garden work party so much that we will continue with another one! Students will have the opportunity to team up and collaborate on watering plants, tending to the compost pile, and weeding the garden. 

We are so excited to have samples from the garden be on display at the 1st grade Expo! Some pieces include: The Root Museum, The Fungus that is Among Us, and the Worm Hotel!


Students explore movement in levels and also different patterns, pathways (zig zag, curvy, straight, circular). We will incorporate the side step, and the grapevine to our locomotor repertoire. Students will work on changing direction, agility and speed in a game called ‘ Kick the cone’. 



First graders are studying the tectonic plates and how they move.  In art we are taking what we know about composite volcanoes and applying our own artistic take using paper and oil pastel resulting in colorful eruptions of color.

​Kelsey Grich
Susan Garrison

Monday, February 17 - Friday, February 21: Book Fair

Tuesday, February 18 - Science Expo from 9:00-10:00am

Thursday, February 20: Portola Gardens

Friday, February 21: Grandparents and Special Friends Day; Early Dismissal at Noon

  • Please RSVP here for Grandparents and Special Friends Day

  • If your child is not attending, please RSVP using this form

Monday, February 24 - Friday, February 28: Winter Break

Friday, March 13: C4 Day, Early Dismissal


  • 5 to 10 mins problem solving with Bedtime Math (bedtimemath.org).

    • Wee Ones- a first grade student should be able to work through these problems independently.

    • Little Ones- a first grade student should be able to work through these problems with some support.

    • Big Ones- a first grade student will need much scaffolding and may require extra skill sets to work through these.

  • In addition to bedtime math, you may choose an item from the daily activities here

  • 15 minutes per night of self-selected reading either to, with, or by your child.

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