Week Ahead in First Grade B

November 18th, 2019

Last week we enjoyed learning more about planets and working in small groups to research as well as artistically create planets. We continued to move through the writing process with our creation stories and practiced two digit addition. Please read on for more details about what we did last week in each subject and what to expect for the week ahead.



Last week we started painting our planet. The students did a wonderful job of painting and keeping the hallway and tables neat and clean. The students worked in groups and negotiated the design of the planet and the colors. They learned a lot about working with a partner and navigating disagreements and differing opinions. Well done 1B!  


The students also began the task of looking for interesting information to include in their finished product. They were guided by a list of questions to answer using the planet books available to them. Next week, we will continue to work on learning all we can about our planet and we will begin adding this information to our posters. 



Last week, we continued to use our unit blocks to explore adding large numbers. I had placed a copy of the tens and ones blocks in the children’s Friday folder so the children could show you how we solve big number problems. If you didn’t get a copy or would like another, simply let me know. We also began exploring the hundreds chart. The children took turns answering questions and filling in the numbers on the chart. We looked at one more, one less, ten more, ten less and searched for patterns within each column and row. 


Next week, we will continue to participate in all different kinds of activities with the hundreds chart and work toward using the chart as a tool to add big numbers. 

For example: 46 +37 = ?

Start on 46 move down three for the three tens in 37 and then count on 7 by ones to get to 83. We will also solve riddles to figure out the mystery number. “Start on 50. Count back 40. Count on 7. Add 10. What is the mystery number?”  We will also continue to work in stations on composing and decomposing numbers to 20. 


Last week, we continued exploring story elements using the acronym STORY:

Setting: where and when the story takes place

Talking characters: who the story is about

Oops, there’s a problem!

R attempts to Resolve: how the character tries to solve the problem

Yes, a resolution: how the problem is solved


Last week we explored more Greek myths regarding creation. We took particular attention to note the personalities of certain Greek gods: Hermes the messenger, Aphrodite the goddess of love, and Ares the god of war. We discussed how the Romans adopted these same gods and named them Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The students were excited to find out the origins of their planets’ names, and we will continue to read excerpts from The Planet Gods for more planet name clues. The students also edited and began writing the final draft of a creation story of their own. Next week we will finish our final draft and the students will read aloud their stories during Author’s Share. We look forward to this culmination of weeks’ of hard work. Last week we continued on with word work by splitting up into targeted groups and learning about specific blends and digraphs, short vowels, as well as long vowels. We also wrote our Friday Letters. Thank you for taking the time to write back to your children and send these letters back to school on Monday. We really appreciate your participation! We look forward to continuing both of these practices next week.


Social Studies

Last week in order to continue building our toolbox of strategies we can use to regulate our emotions when we are out of the green zone, we had a parent come in and introduce “Crossing the Bridge”, a form of deep listening that can strengthen a bond of connection between two friends. We also practiced a calming technique and reminded the children they always have their teachers to talk to as a resource when they need help. We look forward to using these strategies in deepening our students’ abilities to resolve conflict and build trust and community between themselves.


Next week we look forward to adding more strategies to our social-emotional toolbox. We will also begin our gratitude unit, starting off with giving life to our Gratitude Tree in the hallway. We will begin to draw leaves of gratitude for our tree, and we invite all families to stop by later in the week and add their leaves of gratitude as well.


Lastly, next week we will begin our monthly student-led Friday Choice. We look forward to the activities the students choose to prepare and share with their peers.


First graders are learning about contour drawing and developing their artist's hand eye coordination. Continuing our unit of space and technology and adapting it to a lesson in portraiture, students are creating self-portraits of themselves as space explorers.  We will be discussing human proportion and breaking down complicated shapes. 



First graders will really be perfecting songs for their fast approaching performance on December 13th! We will review all we have learned in music this past trimester. Songs, movements, solfege, and percussion! Please mark your calendars for Friday, December 13th, 830-930a. 


First grade will continue learning body parts and they will learn to describe their eyes and hair using adjectives such as colors and opposites words.  With the aid of this vocabulary, students will be able to identify these body parts on themselves and other people. These vocabulary is introduced with a lot of movement games, songs, and art projects. 

Repetition is key so feel free to practice with your child at home! 


Last week students made detailed scientific illustrations of the red wriggler worms. We will continue our study on soil by learning about our garden compost pile and how to care for it.  We will learn about the FBI - Fungus, Bacteria, and Invertebrates that break it down and turn it into soil! Students use scissors to chop up ingredients to make mini compost piles.  


Students have improved dribbling using one hand as well as switching hands and dribbling stationary and in motion. This week we will continue our basketball unit with the Fingertip drill. This game allows each student to practice passing the ball back and forth between his or her hands in a controlled manner. We will work on passing the ball down low and then up high with s basketballs. Followed by a fun triangle passing game, which will encourage players to keep their eye on the ball so they can catch and pass it on, without dropping the ball. This takes practice and teamwork.

​Kelsey Grich
Susan Garrison

Friday, November 22: C4 Day, Early Dismissal

November 25 - 29: Thanksgiving Break - No School

Friday, December 13: Drama and Music Performances for Gr. JK-2 @ 8:30 - 9:30 am

December 20 - January 5:  Winter Break - No School

Monday, January 6: All School Inservice - No School for Students


  • 5 to 10 mins problem solving with Bedtime Math (bedtimemath.org).

    • Wee Ones- a first grade student should be able to work through these problems independently.

    • Little Ones- a first grade student should be able to work through these problems with some support.

    • Big Ones- a first grade student will need much scaffolding and may require extra skill sets to work through these.

  • In addition to bedtime math, you may choose an item from the daily activities here

  • 15 minutes per night of self-selected reading either to, with, or by your child.

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