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Important Dates

January 20: MLK Day- No School

January 25: AVS Parent / Community Winter Party- (all invited / not expected)

February 4: SPEAK Event- Price of Privilege - Free for all AVS community members

January 20th, 2020


Last week, students learned about  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and participated in discussions and activities to learn about his life’s work. Students reflected on the power words have and brainstormed how they can continue to be upstanders. We hope you all spent some time on Monday remembering his important messages of spreading love and kindness to ALL!



What are the creatures in the tide pool? What is the tide pool food chain? This week, students will be exploring the creatures of the tide pool such as sea anemones, hermit crabs, and barnacles. Students will learn about the tide pool food chain as they answer the question, who eats who? Later in the week, students will make their own clay tide pool creatures to add to our tide pool habitat bin.


What is a number sentence? How does it help us represent addition? This week students will continue to expand upon what they know about addition by learning about the “+” and “=” sign through number sentences. Students will begin to view the equals sign as “the same as” by experimenting with moving its place in the number sentence. Students will also learn strategies for addition such as counting on and drawing a picture to help them solve their number sentences. 


This week in literacy we will dive deeper into our study of words as we review sight words and learn a new word family: the -ay family! We will play a matching game, brainstorm -ay words, and complete a word sort. As we do so, we will discover how word parts can help us become stronger readers and writers. We will also continue to practice checking our reading by asking: Does it make sense? Does it look right? Does it sound right?  Lastly, in writing we will learn about three types of punctuation we use at the end of sentences.

Social Studies

What is Chinese New Year? This week in social studies we will read about this cultural tradition in preparation for our all-school community meeting celebrating Chinese New Year. 



Inspired by nature, we will be looking at the colors and shapes found under the sea and on the coast.  We will be incorporating these findings into colorful resist paintings with oil and watercolor.



We have had a very exciting week in the garden with many surprising visitors.  We discovered that a hummingbird has been living in out hummingbird sage plant, a red tailed hawk landed on our fence post, and the culinary delicacy, morel mushroom, fruited in our garden strawberry patch! 


This week we will check on our photosynthesis experiment. Last week, we made predictions and this week, we will take the foil off the leaves of the plants and see if any of our predictions are true. 


Additionally, the young botanists will continue to study plants by noticing the amazing diversity in seeds!  We will read A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long. Then students will make seed art and collages with a variety of seeds. 



This week we will continue dance and focus on  quality of movement: heavy/light & hard/soft and tempo slow and fast as we connect with animals in the sea kingdom. We will play a sensory tag game called star fish and also underwater dance tag.



Next week we will miss music class, as it is MLK day! When we return we'll expand upon the rhythmic song we created, "Starlight, Star Bright" by adding a few more lines as well as unpitied percussion. This will hep solidify our understanding of quarter and eighth notes and how they can be felt and heard through instruments. 


This week kindergarten will be learning about family members in spanish. With the aid of this vocabulary, students will be able to identify the different members of their family and explore the role of the family in Spanish-Speaking cultures.  This vocabulary is introduced with a lot of movement games, songs, and art projects. 

Repetition is key so feel free to practice with your child at home! 

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