Week Ahead in Kindergarten B

Chloe Scholes

Friday, November 22 at 1:30: Thanksgiving Break begins at early dismissal 

Monday, December 2: School Resumes

Friday, December 13: Drama and Music Performance at 8:30 am


Home-School Connections (Homework)

Catherine Cunning
November 18th, 2019


Last week in kindergarten we explored and celebrated differences! Through listening to the stories It’s Okay to Be Different, The Skin You Live In, and When Charlie Met Emma, we discovered just how important it is to honor and be proud of what makes us unique. We also named the duty we have to respect others and their differences. This week we will have opportunities to express gratitude for what makes us and our friends special. 


With our knowledge about how to be scientists and understanding of different ecosystems, we will finally be diving into our first ecosystem that we will be exploring. This is a surprise to students, so parents, please don’t spill the fish! Our next unit will be the exploration of the ocean! Among many other topics, we will discover a variety of food webs, understand the different zones of the ocean, and of course follow student’s interests! We encourage families to casually asking what adaptations animals have so that they can live in the water!




Using our new science unit as inspiration, we will plunge into our final week of our number sense exploration. (Note: we will of course continue to practice number sense, this simply means that when we return from break we will also begin incorporating other concepts!) Using sea animals, students will work with higher numbers and experiment with new strategies to manage these less familiar numbers. When playing games at home, try using digits all the way up to 30! Or print off some fun dot-to-dots to practice number recognition and sequence of higher numbers!


What is a word family?  This week we will learn about our first short vowel word family - the “at” family. Studying word families allows students to notice patterns in words and to use this knowledge to read familiar patterns of letters quickly and fluently. Throughout the week we will play a variety of word family games including word and picture memory and a real and nonsense word sort. We will also expand our sight word repertoire by learning four new words: it, I, and, we, practice reading independently using our reading super powers, and write about our weekend adventures. 


Social Studies

What does it mean to be thankful? This week in social studies we will focus on ways to celebrate Thanksgiving by showing our gratitude. Throughout the week we will have opportunities to read and write about thankfulness. We will also read stories that depict the history of Thanksgiving, and we will discuss the importance of hearing and honoring all narratives about the holiday.


Ten is the magic number this week as we build our group counting jumping jacks, kangaroo jumps and seal jacks to ten. We will continue to learn new fun active games while concentrating on our body awareness, general and personal space. 



Students will be comparing different styles of portraiture, before creating self portraits through the different shapes and lines in the face, abstracting forms, and drawing their designs in pastel and other media.



Kindergarten will be learning vocabulary for animals.With the aid of this vocabulary, students will be able to talk about what pets they like or one that they have. They will also be able to describe these animals with the aid of the vocabulary previously learned. These vocabulary is introduced with a lot of movement games, songs, and art projects. 

Repetition is key so feel free to practice with your child at home! 



The main focus of Kindergarten music for the next several weeks will really be rehearsing  for our upcoming December performance. We will also review all we have learned in music this year- songs, movements, percussion activities, and games. They have worked incredibly hard and are very excited to showcase some of their work with you. Please mark your calendars for December 13th, 830-930a. 

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