Assessments and Reports

Assessments continually inform instruction and curriculum development. Pre, post, formative,

and summative assessments are scheduled throughout the academic year. Following each assessment, data is collected and analyzed to measure the learning growth of a student, inform differentiated grouping, and

support any necessary interventions. An assessment is used to generate a clear narrative of a student’s progress within each trimester and across the academic year.

An evaluation scale is used by teachers to determine a student's academic and social performance of various skills within each subject area. Teachers use the evaluation scale when observing and reflecting on a student’s output during daily activities, work products, projects, and class discussions. When a trimester ends, teachers gather evidence of a student’s progress between the two trimester periods. Throughout the year, teachers closely capture student progress in reading and math fluency through standardized one-on-one assessments, such as reading inventories and math tasks. These assessments are administered three or more times a year to provide clear data on student progress over time and calibrated with national grade level norms.

assessment scale.png