At Alta Vista the emphasis of

mathematics. is to develop a

strong, flexible number sense

in order to provide the fundamentals for problem solving. By providing students with a variety of meaningful tasks and activities, students gain the capacity to flexibly work with number systems and build conceptual understanding of the different mathematical

domains. From here, procedural fluency is developed through classroom activities such as problems of the month, interactive online simulations, and rich tasks.


By way of independent, partner, small group, and whole class learning, students engage in integrated projects to explore problems in depth and discover numerous methods to solve these problems. In addition, students construct viable arguments for solutions with efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. Students investigate and explore mathematics within hands-on experiences.


Big ideas are reinforced to cultivate lifelong mathematicians who develop, utilize, and reflect upon a repertoire of strategies in the problem-solving process. Through mathematically rich activities, students expand their problem-solving skills by developing their abilities to recognize patterns, create representations, make generalizations, and learn to choose tools and strategies to support their reasoning. Critical-thinking and communication skills are strengthened as students collaborate

with teammates to share their own mathematical reasoning and critique the arguments of others.

Courses Include

  • Ratio and Rationals

  • Equality and Equivalence

  • Probability and Proportions

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra 1