Welcome to the Middle School

Dear Families,

What do you remember from middle school?

If you are like me, you remember the emotions you felt, the friendships you had (or wish you had), and the teachers you liked or didn’t like. The middle school years are a crucial time in a child’s life. It is a time when students make decisions about themselves as learners and as people. It is also a time when children step further away from adults in an effort to assert their own personhood, while still needing the support of their parents and teachers to navigate peer social interactions and make good choices.


At Alta Vista School we consider responsibility, independence and choice as a key part of our program to support students during this time of their lives. We focus on an inquiry approach to learning, which fosters curiosity, allows students to take ownership of their learning, and encourages self-reflection. Our academic program is intellectually engaging for kids, with a STEAM focus that encourages asking questions and making connections. Students meet daily in small groups with an advisor to develop their social emotional skills

and ensure that they have a point person they can go to should they need support.


Our goal is to prepare your children to face their future with confidence and the ability to navigate novel situations with a balance of confidence and curiosity. We do that in a small caring community of parents, kids and teachers that I am proud to be a part of.


Warm regards,


Liz Davis

Head of Middle School

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