First Engineering Challenge

How Slowly Can a Piece of Paper Drop from a Height of Two Meters and Still Hit a Target?


  1. An 8.5 inch by 11.5 inch sheet of paper

  2. A strip of blue tape 1.5 inches long

  3. Meter Stick

  4. Target with a diameter of 11 inches


  1. You must use the entire piece of paper and tape.

  2. No additional material may be added.

  3. The paper may be folded or cut as needed.

  4. The engineered paper is dropped from a height of two meters and must hit within the target 2 out of 5 trials, while taking the longest time to descend.


  1. Each class is to work in collaborative groups to find the best solution.

  2. The best solution will be presented to the AVS Lower School Community on September 25th.

  3. The class with the best solution will be awarded the Engineering Challenge Trophy to be displayed in their class until the conclusion of the next challenge.

Students will design solutions in their classrooms and the winning solution will be presented at the Lower School Community Meeting on September 25th.



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