Second Engineering Challenge

Second Engineering Challenge

How can we turn single-use plastic into something that can be used again and again?

Look around you right now, and you’ll most likely find you’re surrounded by items made of plastic! Plastic has many uses, but with one major design flaw: it never breaks down, composts, or returns to soil. Not all types of plastic can be recycled, either. In fact, many types of plastic are created to be thrown away after one-time use, where they end up in mountains of garbage called Landfills. In this challenge, find a way to up-cycle, which means create something of higher value, using single-use plastic into something that can be used more than once.


  1. Any single-use plastic including: soft plastic, mylar snack wrappers, plastic bags, utensils, water bottles, packing material, etc.

  2. Other non plastic single and multi use material may also be used in the design, but the focus will be single use plastic


  1. Select an item or series of singular use plastic items

  2. Design, create a use for this/these items that is practical, useful, sustainable, and will keep them out of the landfill

  3. Single or multiple (similar or dissimilar) items may be incorporated into the design along with other materials


  1. Each class is to work in collaborative groups to find the best solution.

  2. The best solution will be presented to the AVS Lower School Community on Monday, October 30th, during morning meeting

  3. The class with the best solution will be awarded the Engineering Challenge Trophy to be displayed in the main floor hallway until the conclusion of the next challenge.


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