Learning Celebrations Across the Lower School

Learning celebrations are happening across in the Lower School. Recently, the Junior Kindergarten students taught their parents about their process of scientific inquiry into the life of ants. The young myrmecologists demonstrated learning through observations, games, and songs.

The Second Grade class concluded their study of space, moon, and stars through an informal small learning exhibition where the students shared with other grades a variety of cross-curricular projects, such as a new planet model, a moon journal, and a space story.

Third Grade students also presented their science fair projects to parents and other classes. This fair was a culmination of their first science unit focused on reviewing, clarifying, and deepening students' understanding of the scientific process. Each part of the science fair

project was completed by the students in class, except the experiment testing.

Check out the images below of recent learning celebrations in Junior Kindergarten, 2nd-grade, and 3rd-grade.

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