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The young actors at AVS have been working hard preparing their upcoming performances! This trimester each class is learning how to tell compelling stories using body and voice expressions. We are learning how to work as a cohesive ensemble, how to express specific ideas as a group, and how to include everyone in our storytelling.

The Junior Kindergarten through Second Grade actors have been working on developing their ensemble skills while staging some of Shel Silverstein’s poetry. Each individual class has one poem to perform. The challenge is to make sure that the entire group is included and that no one stands out on their own. This is not to say that individual expression disappears when working in an ensemble. It is just the opposite! Students practice creating something bigger than one person, using multiple ideas, compromising, and sharing, rather than thinking about highlighting one person’s skills.

This semester the Middle School Page to Stage actors are putting together a performance of Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. Throughout the course, students read Harriet the Spy and compare and contrast it with the script adaptation by Leslie Brody. Through this process, students gain a deeper understanding of the story, the author’s intentions, key theatrical plot adjustments and character objectives. Along the way, they also pull vocabulary words from the book such as “amiably” and “disconcerted” and apply them to their acting.

The dedicated Drama Club actors have been working very hard rehearsing for their performance of Shrek: the Musical. Students signed up for this project back in August and have been rehearsing every Friday after school. They have been busy learning music, memorizing lines, and rehearsing their dance numbers.

The pleasure in all of this lies is in the process of developing the performances and bringing them to the AVS community-at-large.

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