Engineering Challenge #1: Third Floor Egg Drop

Before the fall break, fourth grade teachers and students worked with Ed to craft the first engineering challenge of the school year: an Egg Drop from the third floor of the Somerset campus. Today during our community meeting, fourth grade science teacher, Jon Polly, invited the community to prototype, test, and iterate their solutions before the final egg drop on Monday, November 12.

Below are the guidelines to the challenge:

  • Students should engineer a device which will allow an egg to be safely dropped from a 3rd floor window to the ground below.

  • The winning design will not only safely drop an egg without cracking it but also use the least amount of materials.

  • The "least amount of materials" will be judged (per Ed’s suggestion) by weight.

  • We will likely end up dropping them out of the 4B classroom’s window, but you can also use the window in the 3rd floor hallway as well. You are welcome to use our room when we are not in class.

  • Including a drone in your design is NOT allowed.

  • Using helium balloons in your design is NOT allowed.

  • Your design must fit out of the window.

  • In order to minimize the destruction/mess from raw eggs breaking, hard boiled or plastic eggs may also be used. We will use raw eggs in the final drop.

If you have any more questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jon and the 4th Grade Team.



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