Conflict Resolution and the Peace Path

When solving a conflict, School Counselor Kory demonstrated how it's helpful to understand the feelings of another or figuratively walk in the other person's shoes. Fourth graders, Lucas and Harper reminded us how our 3 Be's and 4 Pillars of Play help keep school a safe and positive place.

They shared when a conflict arises, the Peace Path can help restore the safety and positivity in a relationship. First grade students, Kira and Aubrey with their teachers Ms. Joy and Ms. Beverly, showed us how they use the Peace Path.

After acting out a conflict while lining up, Aubrey and Kira demonstrated the steps of their Peace Path. We learned from them how to say an "I Statement" as well as the importance of listening to an "I Statement." They also modeled how to brainstorm solutions and then decide on one method to follow. The last step of restoring the relationship can look like a handshake, high-five, hug, or fist bump.

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