Engineering Challenge # 3 Making Recess Awesome!

Thanks to teachers Sarah and Bonnie and the second grade team for organizing Engineering Challenge #3 at the Monday Morning Meeting to make recess awesome while maintaining safety and fun. From trampolines to an automatic gate, student representatives from each grade presented plethora of ideas for additions or improvements.

JK had some wild ideas including bumper cars and a bow and arrow zip line. Kindergarten students offered safety suggestions and new structures, such as a slide for skiing down. First graders dreamed up imaginative structures with a foam pit with various attachments, such as a castle, zip line, and spring board to launch into the pit. Second grade's designs demonstrated more technical details and added different kinds of structure to recess, such as a schedule for using specialist classrooms and equipment, a pet care station, and a peace library. Miniature golf even appeared on their list. Third grade re-emphasized their enthusiasm for storage and access to materials in specialist rooms, such as tinker equipment and costumes. They also highlighted the importance of safety additions, such as expanded turf area and mats under bars. Fourth grade focused on game rules, such as lines for end zones and goalie boxes. Check out the slide show from the meeting here.

Thanks to parent volunteers who offered to help implement the most feasible design ideas. (Sadly water slides and roller coasters are not on the agenda.) If you have time and an interest in designing, constructing, painting, or project managing some relatively simple projects that will make recess even more awesome, let's talk! Contact:

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