Respect: Embrace Difference and Celebrate Uniqueness

On Friday we brought our awareness to the question, “Are all of us here exactly the same? In what ways are we different? “In what ways are we the same?” We watched a video, which was part of a BBC campaign to celebrate diversity called, “Everyone’s Welcome.” In the video, kids were paired with their friends and each were asked the same question, “What makes you different from each other.”

We then tried this activity as a community, using our "Respectful Be" and noticing the difference between two sets of teachers. We came to understand that each individual in our community is unique and we respect our differences, in how we treat and feel about ourselves and each other. We then had fun noticing how opposites, such as day and night and ice cream and jalapenos go together. Fourth grade student Hyan and second grader Esther gave insightful stories on how seemingly opposites go together.

We closed with a song by Natalie Merchant, entitled “Bleezers Ice-Cream”. I wonder what Cocoa mocha macaroni ice cream tastes like?

See the slide deck here.

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