AVS Middle School Students are ready to Change the World!

This week middle school students participated in advisory activities that focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion themes. In particular, 6th and 7th grade students examined the history and roots and the impact of current activist movements in our country. Eighth graders used a design thinking approach to identify and engage in student-led activist campaigns through DoSomething.org.

At the end of the day students were asked to share something they learned. Here are some of their responses:

“In something big like a movement, there are always people who are less talked about, but still are a huge part of it.” - 6th grader

“The power people have when they have a common goal.” - 7th grader

“One take-away from today's discussions/activities is how long people have been fighting for racial equality, and that even though we have grown much closer, we are still far from achieving it.” - 8th grader

“No matter how old you are, and no matter how much power you have, you can still be an activist and change the world.” - 8th grader

As always students at AVS Middle School showed us that they are eager to be catalysts for positive change in the world!


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