• Liz Davis

Hybrid Learning The AVS Way

Liz Davis: Head of Middle School

When we were trying to figure out how to bring students back to campus in a safe and sustainable way, we knew we wanted our on campus experience to take advantage of doing things that couldn’t be as easily accomplished in a virtual school setting. The planning for our return began in June of 2020 and took many hours. Our focus was on safety first, for our teachers and students. We purchased individual desks, arranged our classrooms so that students could maintain physical distance from each other and from teachers. We bought stools so students could eat outside and an electrostatic sprayer so we could clean classrooms in between cohorts.

While the admin team was working out the logistical elements of a safe return, AVS teachers were focusing on what students would do when they came back to campus. In our plan, each week has project based learning focus. This past week middle school students returned to campus to participate in a math and science integrated hands on project where they built cars and considered different variables that would speed them up or slow them down on ramps at a variety of angles. Students considered the size of their wheels, the weight of their cars along with the smoothness of the wood and the usefulness of a windshield. After gathering their data, students created scatter plots and considered the shape of their data in order to come to conclusions.

Overall, the project was a huge success. Sounds of cars zooming down ramps and sandpaper on wood filled the hallways. It was wonderful to have our students back on campus and to see them learning in a very AVS way.


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