• Liz Davis

Spanish Projects at AVS Middle School

by Madison Pulliam and Keith Ross, Spanish Teachers

At AVS Middle School Spanish classes learn about different Latin American and Hispanic cultures. The students not only learn the language: they do projects about history, arts, and culture about the Hispanic countries.

In Spanish 1, students learned about a handcraft from Mexico called alebrijes.

During this project, students practiced basic vocabulary about colors, animals, arts, greetings, and family. They then created their own alebrijes and presented to the class about what they had learned.

In Spanish 2, while reading our book, Patricia Va a California, students talked about the home and home life in Guatemalan culture and compared what they learned to their life in California. Students practiced all of the necessary vocabulary and grammar to compare the prices of homes, styles of homes and household chores. We then created posters selling our own imaginary dream homes.

Throughout our Spanish classes students not only learn to speak the language, but they are immersed in the culture and ideas of Spanish speaking countries.

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