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What Are You Putting In Your Emotional Emergency Kit?

Kory Orlanski, School Counselor at Alta Vista School:

Below are ideas from Girls Leadership. Plus activities for Social-Emotional Check-ins to energize, center, connect, reflect, and advocate.

Emotional Emergency Kit:

Emotional Food/Water: Daily nurturance

includes doing at least one activity each day that promotes self-care like wearing comfy clothes, taking a bubble bath, eating your favorite food for a meal, or having a cup of a warm beverage like tea.

Emotional Flashlight: Identify something that reminds you to focus on hope. This tool could include creating a mantra or motto that you can recite, or an affirmation statement. This is one we heard this week from poet Cleo Wade: “I am showing love for myself by choosing hope no matter what.”

Emotional Batteries:  Sleep hygiene is important for overall well-being. Try adding an extra 30 minutes to sleep time and include a soothing activity before bed, such as listening to relaxing music, writing a gratitude list, or reading an inspirational book.

Emotional Cell Phone: Stay socially connected by making a list of people you can call for support, and check in regularly with them.

Emotional Charger: Taking a 10-15 minute break when feeling overwhelmed can reduce feelings of being overwhelmed. A time-out can include taking a walk or run, having a laugh, praying, or singing.

Emotional Self-check-in Tool:  It can be helpful to engage in activities that help you identify your feelings so you can take steps that promote wellness: journal writing, art projects, meditation, or talking to trusted friends. A favorite guide to help with this

Emotional Blankets: Spend time doing something that makes you feel good, like playing with pets, reading favorite books, playing games, dancing, sports, and spending time with friends and loved ones.

Emotional Map:  Having an overall goal for moving through this time with as much ease as possible can be beneficial. Try creating a visual image of your primary goal as a family, class, or group at this time (e.g. staying connected, maintaining balance, minimizing stress, practicing gratitude, etc.). What is your vision for yourself at the end of this journey? 


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