Week Ahead in Second Grade A

Katy Barber
  • 2nd Grade Science Exposition: Thursday, February 20th from 8:45-9:30 

  • Lava Mae Collection: Ongoing collection of unopened, travel-sized toiletries



Science Expo. Testable Questions: (Due this Friday, 1/24)

  • This letter will be send home on Tuesday. (Students can focus on one idea/question per night.) Please help your student to brainstorm some possible testable experiments and teachers will guide students to finalize choices that will work for them. 

  • Resource: How to write a testable question. 


Germinator Logs: (1-2 times a week till 2/17)

  • Make and record observations of the seeds in the “germinator” once or twice a week for the next 4-5 weeks. Students will be asked to bring back the observation log to school the week of February 17th.


Reading: 10-minute minimum​​​​​​


Math: 10-minute minimum

  • Math Menu options can be found on the Weebly pages:

    • 2A = avsupertars.weebly.com; PW = AVS2A

    • 2B = avs2b.weebly.com; PW = AVS2B

  • Matific sign-in information is taped to their homework folders. Please only have your child do “Homework” assignments in the menu (not the schoolwork).


Spelling: 5-10 minutes

  • Lists will be sent home on the first day of the school week. 

  • Please find an activity menu in your student's spelling folder. If you need another please let us know.

  • Spelling Classroom logins located on homework folders 

  • Practice daily (Monday.-Thursday) in preparation for the spelling check-in on Friday

Glenn Heuser
January 27th, 2020

Next time you’re in the 2A classroom please notice the This is who we are display- a list of traits that define the Superstars.

  • This is a class that shows kindness. 

  • This is a class that gives generously.

  •  This is a class that cares deeply. 

  • This is a class the shares selflessly. 

  • This is a class that dares to be bold.  

The class truly demonstrated theses traits by supporting Hearts for Paws, dog rescue, and participating in the Read-a-thon, raising nearly $2000.00! Families and friends, thank you for being AMAZING!

Scientific brains are buzzing with inquiry and experimentation as we embark on the first stages of the Second Grade Science Exposition.  Students began brainstorming scientific questions and experiment ideas that meet the criteria- variables, time constraints, and following the scientific method/procedures.

Hearts for Paws Announcement! Second grade students at AVS raised $1,938.13 for the shelter. Your donation will surely help many shelter dogs get their needs met. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Last week second grade students participated in a hunter-gatherer simulation, practiced setting up an experiment with one independent variable, and began exploring questions for the Second Grade Science Exposition. Special shout out to Debbie Lum and family for coming in last Friday to make dumplings with the class to celebrate Lunar New Year.. Delicious!


Our second grade Science Expo unit is unfolding nicely as we have begun discussions around expectations as well as started to brainstorm ideas in the form of testable questions. This week we will refine these questions to make them more specific and support students in identifying the independent, dependent, and control variables. We will also explore the differences between a hypothesis and a testable prediction as well as guide students in the writing of these statements for their specific project. By the end of the week, students will have chosen their project focus and have written the final drafts of their question, hypothesis, and testable predictions. Students will also begin to create their procedures and start to gather materials from home. Last week we began a two-week-long experiment comparing fungal (mold) growth rates when one variable is changed. Please ask your student what the independent variable was for their group's “mold terrarium”. Also, check out this cool link related to the Fungus Among Us…  RadioLab 


Working on interpreting data, creating graphs, and using different units and skills for measurement is vital this time of the year to help us prepare for our science expo. This week we will begin our unit on measurement concepts and skills.  Students will be applying important concepts such as understanding that the zero point on a ruler is the beginning of the total length and the number on a ruler means the distance covered by that number of length units. Students will apply their measurement skills and knowledge of the ruler to measure a variety of objects using the appropriate measurement tools, such as inch rulers and yardsticks before we move on to the metric system. 



In preparation of the Science Expo, procedural writing will be the focus in literacy.  

A procedure is an established way of doing something. Whenever you read how-to guides or follow step-by-step instructions, you're using procedural writing. Using procedural writing helps you accomplish a goal; it gives instructions for completing both common and complex goals. At home, please notice different procedural text examples- Some common forms of procedural texts are:                                Directions - How do I get somewhere? Instructions - How do I do something? Recipes - How do I cook something? Rules for games - How do I play this? Manuals - How do I operate this? Agendas - What are we doing? 


Social Studies

This week students will wrap up our unit on early human migration with an assessment that asks them to compare their own life to that of early homo sapiens. Students will begin to take what they have learned about migration and apply it to immigration today. Students will learn about the push and pull factors that cause human beings to leave one place and seek out another.



Students created undersea compositions for their ceramics unit.  They learned about building techniques as well as material composition and firing practises. This week we are adding glaze.



Second graders had a lot of fun learning the song "River" in music class. Next week we will learn verse 2 and 3 to this song. We'll also expand upon the instrumental piece we started, adding in bass bars and xylophones!



This week 2nd graders will keep learning  about William Shakespeare and his fun, magical story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We will continue to bring this play to life on stage, creating characters of mischievous fairies, and humans who get turned into donkeys and have spells of love cast upon them.


Second grade will be learning about clothes. With the aid of this vocabulary, students will name items of clothing and will associate articles of clothing with seasonal weather patterns. They will also investigate the interplay between climate and dress in various Spanish-speaking countries. 

This vocabulary is introduced with a lot of movement games, songs, and art projects. 

Repetition is key so feel free to practice with your child at home!


Students are working on positive self talk and team cooperation.  Students are continuing on learning ways to resolve conflict and resolution with a game of rock, paper, scizzors or ro sham bo championship. Students will also work on self control and balance with our daily calisthenics.  Followed by a game called Gaga ball.


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