Week Ahead in Second Grade B

February 17th, 2020

Last week we celebrated the 100th day of school by participating in a school-wide scavenger hunt. Students found nine numbers in the classroom and wrote one reason why they love AVS. Look for a display of 100 reasons why kids love AVS coming soon! On Friday the Curious Cats led a celebration of Black History Month during Community Meeting. Talk with your child about all the things learned this year in class about important black figures in history. On Friday students expressed their gratitude for each other by writing appreciation cards to each member of the classroom community. Students enjoyed writing and reading these appreciations on Valentine's Day. Finally, this Monday will be the presentation of the 2ndgrade engineering challenge answering the question: How can we engineer a musical instrument from recycled materials. All classes will present during Community Meeting. We hope you can join us. Lastly, please look for a change in our homework for this week, inspired by Sadie!


Congratulations! We’ve made it to the last step of the scientific process, communicating the results. Students have answered their testable questions and learned something new. It’s now time to share these findings with the rest of the world! In the days leading to our science expo, students will be finalizing their conclusions, creating display materials, and practicing their presentation. Each presentation will include a demo of their experiment as well as an informational booklet created by each scientist describing each step of their process. Please check in with your child regarding any items that will need to be gathered and brought to school to support the experimentation demo. Your child will be encouraged to explain their experiment and practice fielding questions at home. Here are some questions you could review with your child: What was your scientific question? What are your variables? What was your hypothesis? How did you measure and record your results? What were your results and conclusions? If you were to do this experiment again, what would you change in order to gain even more accurate results? We are looking forward to having parents and special guests this Thursday (2/20) from 8:45-9:30. Be ready to ask questions, learn something new, and be wowed! 



With the culmination of our science expo, we will be wrapping up our focus on graphing and data analysis this week in math. Students will have the opportunity to show their understanding with an in-class project for their final assessment. The students will create a survey, collect data, graph the results with either a bar graph or a pictograph, and then analyze the outcomes. 



Following the writing process of drafting, editing and publishing, the students have worked extremely hard perfecting their scientific procedural and conclusion writings. All the work will be ready for presentation on Thursday morning and teachers couldn't be prouder of the focus and efforts displayed by our young scientists. There will be no spelling list this week, though students will engage in activities reviewing previous spelling patterns and rules. As the Scholastic Book Fair rolls into town this week students will not have the opportunity to check out AVS library books on Thursday. Children have been encouraged to check out books that can be engaging for the next two weeks. Please let us know if more books need to come home during the break.

Social Studies

Second graders wrapped up their study of migration and immigration last week. This week students will have a chance to reflect on what they learned in this unit through read alouds about immigration. When we return after the February break, students will begin to learn what happened when hunter-gatherers settled down and began using agriculture. This will lead into our study of ancient civilizations.



Second graders are learning about the Op art movement and the work of English artist Bridget Riley. They will be using ink and paper to create the impression of space, form, and implied line in a worm of art.


Next week 2nd grade will really be rehearsing for their GPSF Day performance on February 21st. We are excited to share a piece of what we have been learning in music with our extended AVS community! 



This week 2nd graders will incorporate Aretha Franklin’s songs “Respect” and “Think” into the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We will continue to bring this play to life, creating characters of mischievous fairies, and humans who get turned into donkeys and have spells of love cast upon them. This will prepare them for the field trip to see Ballanchine’s ballet on March 6th. 



Last week, students enjoyed the garden work party so much that we will continue with another one! Students will have the opportunity to team up and collaborate on watering plants, tending to the compost pile, weeding the garden, finishing up the Worm Wheel art piece, and planting with me. 


Second grade will be learning and reviewing the months of the year in Spanish. We will be talking about the different holidays around the world celebrated in the United States and around the world.  With the aid of this vocabulary, students will state the current month and identify the month of their birth. 

This vocabulary is introduced with a lot of movement games, songs, and art projects. 

Repetition is key so feel free to practice with your child at home!


Students this week will continue to add new exercises and stretches to their warm ups. Students will also begin “cardio training” which will be a 5 min speed walk, grapevine, side step, jog ect around the cones in the parking lot. Following the dynamic warm up, students will do a team/strategy building/game  station rotation activity for the remainder of the class emphasizing team work and sportsmanship


Sarah Jashington
Tira Sims
  • Monday, 2/17: Dress as your favorite book character!

  • Thursday, February 20th: 2nd Grade Science Expo from 8:45-9:30 

  • February 21st is Grandparent and Special Friend Day! Please use the links below to RSVP.

  • 4th Grade Food Drive: Please donate non-perishables 



Monday - Wednesday

Germinator Logs: DUE THIS WEEK

  • Please help your child to submit their germination observation log to school at the beginning of this week (Monday or Tuesday)

Random Acts of Kindness Week: Students will be tasked with doing one act of kindness each night. Next week, look for an edited homework calendar. MAKE KINDNESS THE NORM

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